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Hip-Hop · DJ Cee Life

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ALLAH U AKBAR (GOD'S THE GREATEST) IíVE BEEN MAKING REAL HIP HOP MUSIC AND DJING FOR ABOUT 13 YEARS. Iíve been Muslim for about 4 years now. And anyone who knows about Islam, knows the more you grow, you slowly begin to have less time for fruitless things due to your worship and your awareness of g-d ALLAH, the same creator that everyone offer their worship to. And this desire to get closer to ALLAH comes naturally; some just try to ignore it. So in my attempt to worship ALLAH I stopped listening to haram music and decided to use my musical talents in an Islamic way. THE SCHOLARS of Islam differ on the topic of music, but for the most part some will agree if it reminds you of ALLAH than it is halal for the Muslims ear .So this is my attempt to give Muslims who may be listening to obviously haram music, an alternative. I also intend to do dawah and give non-Muslims a window into Islam. May ALLAH guide us to the main purpose in life, WORSHIP!!!! REMEMBERANCE!!!! And GOOD MANNERS. SALAAM



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