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Introducing NYC's own The Lead, a duo of well rounded, gifted artists with a vision of making authentic and original music that sets them apart from the redundant artists and sound so prevalent in Hip Hop today. They bring a broad scope touching on real aspects of life in their music with wit, humor, passion and raw emotion.

This is evident in "Dedication" (a track about Ali Umar's father and Jabbaruddin's Mother who have struggled and eventually succumbed to illnesses such as prostate cancer and diabetes/stroke respectively) which calls to remain being strong and determined despite adverse situations. The Lead approaches adversities such as illness and death with sincerity, seriousness and emotional depth. This is evident in their flows, as Jabbaruddin mentions in "Dedication" when referencing to his mother's illness : "Damn! Why couldn't it be me ?! Saying Damn ! at least I believe !!!/But that's a different story/To God give the glory /Trust His decree/No matter what it be/You and me we were both like each other/Now I got to love you like a mother."

Or in "Bang Bang" where the two explain the situations and reactions of constant oppression, killing of the innocent and injustice. A slow hypnotic sample of a female singing "Bang Bang"... makes the message clear and obvious. In it, Ali Umar explains the outcome clearly: "When Ya kill millions with no remorse/Ya gonna push folks beyond just talk/To the next level into a violent course/No treaties, no handshakes, no smiles no mo'/Cause ya murder innocent women and kids/But support and let the real terrorists live..." and again, in Peep the Visual where The Lead uses their talented wordplay over a warmth and uplifting track...Jabbaruddin opens up : "Peep the Visual/Sweet individual/You looking good like an Angel in the physical !" Continuing is Ali Umar in the second verse: "Whoa ! She looking good with them sandals on/Humming a tune she got from Luther Van Dross's Song" No doubt this a track about the ideal woman with the ideal qualities... that men talk about.

The Builderz Album, is a showcase of life. How life is really lived, felt, and expressed. The album shows that life is not filled with the monotony of the thug/killer attitude. Neither is it redundant on the aspects of bling bling, ice and jewels. It is a creative masterpiece - compelling powerful and true ! Containing messages and lyrics of profound substance. Words that will reach a person and cause them to laugh, cry, smile and fall in love. React positively and reflect deeply.

As Ali Umar reveals in his attitude he says: "We're brave family men that are not too hard up to smile, laugh and fall in love. We're also fighters when the cause is right and just. We just speak on life with heartfelt honesty." Not to mention the enormous talent they bring to the table ? lyricist, graphic designers, co-producers, and businessmen.

"Were not just rap artists we're businessmen and musicians...we're thorough about our message and mission...if we talk and sound different from others that's because we are..."We talk about what we see, live, and feel. What we taste, breath, and eat..." continues Ali Umar.

"Our intention is to bring back the days of hip hop, we're coming with 360 degrees of rap, expect the unexpected. With the Builderz Album we're laying a foundation that anyone can build on" says Jabbaruddin.

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