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Hip-Hop · Kalasoul
Six feet and one inch above all others in the game. He's not a spectator in this sport, nor is this a mere hobby, this is life and breathe. Kalasoul in effect and stature. This album is built with [solid] brick-like rhymes, layered with thick written lines, and held together by 12 wax, chrome microphones, and midi time code. He stands alone. Born in 6 S.H. (six years before the Sugar Hill gang), his beginnings were solid and humble. The first time he wrote in cursive and fell in love was in 1982, when he spelled out his first rhyme called Black Woman. Since then his focus has been comparable to a vintage train on steel tracks, fueled by black diamonds: One massive movement that has been unstoppable. His style is edgy and hard-hitting in beats and lyrics. Set apart from all others he dares to push the envelope on content and topic. His topics are a collage of remembering Allah and loving the Sunnah to the grimy street hustle of living and representing the struggle. Islam is a community based religion, and within this religion are many people who have taken many paths, all to arrive at the same destination: Becoming Muslim.

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