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Hip-Hop · Kozi-Moe

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BISMILLAHI AR-RAHMANIR RAHEEM, IN THE NAME OF ALLAHTHE BENEFICENT THE MERCIFUL. Kozi-Moe of the mightyBELLYFULL CREW is a one man militia of beats, rhymes,melodies, and life. Backed with versatile talents inalmost every genre of musik, his aim is to bringenlightenment and substance back to the fickle,processed, gimmick-laden world of "music". InshaAllah....Having already made somewhat of a mark with the 3 manoutfit the BellyFull Crew, Kozi-Moe intends to set outon a different path of his own since reverting toIslam. Already realizing the importance of conveyinga positive message within the musik, as a Muslim hefeels an even greater responsibility and opportunity toexpose the world to this beautiful deen.Be on the lookout for more musik to come inshaAllah



PlayFearFull   2:20192 kbps48 kHz3.36 Mb
PlayOne Take Moe   1:45192 kbps48 kHz2.52 Mb
PlayWhatever The Case   2:58192 kbps48 kHz4.28 Mb
PlayOwe It All To Allah   2:49192 kbps48 kHz4.08 Mb
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