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Manifest ONE, born on August 12th 1983 in Karachi, Pakistan is best known for his infamous flow, sincere speech and tireless motivation. Fueled by the fire of napalm on his brothers and sisters across the globe, he writes with a passion that keeps the victims of injustice in his mind and heart. He is known to openly release his views through his music. Endless messages can be heard dealing with topics from the corruption of Hip Hop to hidden philosophies on life. In his efforts, he attempts to spread a message of Islam in a universal understanding of it. Manifest stresses, more than anything, conscious thinking that could free the masses from mental enslavement into a world of flowing thought and reflection on Allah and His creation.

The saga continues as Manifest steps back in full force, releasing his debut compilation of poetic material, Matter Verse Spirit, as well as his executive produced sophomore album, The Feature Presentation, starring an all-star cast of emcees, poets, singers and producers. The entity, that is Manifest One, will not fade as many rappers, poets and producers have. The influence of the force behind the name will, God Willingly, inspire others to raise their pens and power of speech to dawn a new day and commence justice in a world of corruption. The sunrise sees new beginnings over the darkness that passed. Manifest One.





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