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Hip-Hop · Masikah
Naphtali Jr, was born to a St.Lucian/Jamaican family in the early 80s and who's name originated from the Hebrew/Aramaic word "Nuftaali" which is one of the 12 tribes of Israel meaning "To wrestle with the devil", also known by his stage names Masikah, or Feesabilaah, is a U.K artist renowned for his rapping and hip hop music, as well as his poetry, and his social and youth activism.

Prior to becoming Muslim in 2004 he was an avid basketball player and graffitti artist, and spent most of his youth in Chalkhill Estate. His love for Rap music led him to become a part of Kardinal Sin then after a break, became part of the illustrious group Geneva Convention. It was the death of his brother who was murdered by a gang of youths that changed the way Masikah looked at life.

Masikah's Music is a sound born out of his love for his belief and the provocation and unprecedented experiences and tribulations of his life with what he has seen and felt. His songs are about growing up around violence and hardship, racial injustice, problems in a turbulent society, and sometimes his journey of life and being a Muslim. Masikah's work is known for advocating global, economic, social, and racial equality and freedom as well as his graphic descriptions of violence, drug abuse, conflicts concerning Muslims and the beauty of his Deen.

Many fans, critics, and industry insiders rank him as a very powerful, talented, insightful and inspiring lyrical artist.

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