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Hip Hop is at a crossroads. On one hand it is strong and has undeniably left its mark on the music industry and has spilled over into other music genres, but on the other hand it is extremely vulnerable and in danger of being overtaken by a collection of cookie cutter artists that refuse to stray from the status quo. A status quo that accentuates and intensifies the ills of society. America has evolved into a battlefield scattered with lies, racism, senseless violence, drugs and many other harsh realities that make it more and more difficult for the young generation to thrive and prepare to take on the responsibilities of leadership.

Who will stand up and take charge? Look no further, a leader emerges from the trenches ready for action. Imagine a powerful and distinctive voice radiating from the middle of the battlefield. A sincere voice that commands the respect and attention of its listeners. The voice of a thoughtful son, a caring father, a determined leader, the voice of a General. Y.G. aka Yung General is a talented artist with a vivid imagination, a quick wit and an unquestionable love for music and its ability to move people. Y.G. epitomizes talent as he displays versatility by combining Hip-Hop, Spoken Word and R&B to produce a potent elixir that will give the game the strength it needs to march forward.

This fearless soldier was reared in the heart of Kansas City by two God fearing parents that immersed him in an environment based on love and support. My parents always told me that I was put on this Earth to be a leader, and that it was my duty to use my gift to connect with the people, explains Y.G. I mean I can be pretty convincing when I want to be. It would be easy for me to slap together some songs that talk about me pushing weight, and having all this money and a collection of women at my disposal but I dont, because thats far from the truth. I rather talk about issues that make you think and make people feel good about being alive.

Its hard to label Y.G.s sound. He masterfully toggles through an impressive collection of deliveries and he does it with ease. I just want to do me, If I cant feel what Im putting out I cant expect anyone else to. He continues, I know that Im going to have to marry my conscious material with a good commercial sound if Im going to have a shot at reaching the masses, but I want it to just flow and sound natural, I dont want to force it. Y.G. is sticking with that battleplan. He is currently marketing his latest single, My Baby to radio stations throughout the country with the hopes of opening the one door he needs to take his efforts to the next level.



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