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alman chand nusrat (artist name ANX) is a young nasheed (islamic songs) artist. He is from Stratford, CT. At 18 years old, he is working on his official Debut Album "Seconds to Sunset".

At the age of 12, alman had started singing and just two years later, he created an album with very short nasheeds. The album was called "The Opening" and was sold exclusively at alman's performances but only for a limited time.

At 15, he created a song called "Together to Jannah" for a television program entitled "Together to Paradise". Almost three years later, the show is being produced and has already received thousands of positive reviews. The show airs on You Tube every Friday.

In 2009, alman began preparing for his next album. A production that would utilize a completely new recording studio. The album's working title is "Seconds to Sunset". This production will be released as alman's first offical album.

alman also works with his childhood friend Shariq Khan to produce songs. Khan will be co-writing the "Seconds to Sunset" album. Together, they had written and released the song "Once Again" which recieved positive reviews. Shariq Khan aka SHARK, is going to be working on his demo tape soon, Insh'Allah in ANX STUDIOS. The demo tape will be produced by alman.

ANX's nasheeds generally do not utilize instruments besides percussion and computer generated basses or synths. Many of his tracks are strictly vocal. Two versions of his album will be released, one with the original songs utilizing synths and etc, and the other with only vocals and percussion.

ANX has released the following tracks to date: not including 14 tracks from "The Opening"



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