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Nasheed · Nazeel Azami

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Nazeel Azami was gifted from early childhood in being able to put words into harmony. His talent was first noticed by his mother who inspired him at a young age to recite classical Bengali poetry and songs.

He learned many of these from his maternal uncle, a renowned Bengali singer-songwriter and poet.

Nazeel has put his voice to good use by learning the art of reciting the Quran from several eminent masters. His lyrical gift is borne as much out of his life experiences as his love for languages.

His travels have enabled him to draw liberally from vocal and harmonic traditions in India and the Middle East in particular, and bring them home to his place of birth in the north-west of England.

Nazeel has spent time in a rich milieu of distinguished poets, scholars and composers from across three continents, including Saifullah Mansur and Shaykh Zakariya Siddiqi.

This is his first album, and he has poured his flair and passion into its simmering crucible.



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