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Born in San Jose, CA, of Indonesian, Singaporean and Arab descent, Farid's interest in Pop/R&B and general entertainment began at an early age, where he spent years informally singing, finding, learning and perfecting his sound.

Inspired by 90's R&B greats such as Babyface and Boyz II Men, Farid hopes to bring back that quality of smooth Soul to "Pop" music, while not ignoring it's fun-loving youthful nature.

As a practicing Muslim, he aims to find a balance between mainstream and Muslim music, and attempts to educate listeners about Muslims by showcasing an alternative form of Muslim cultural and artistic expression.

While Farid brings his own "unique" (as in the meaning of his name) flavor to this genre, listeners can relate to his messages, as he expresses everyday experiences and feelings that are common to most American Muslims.

Farid currently resides in Santa Clara, CA and is part of the MCA Community.

His first mix, "Scratch", due out 2009, will be a fresh endeavor into the industry, and as indicated by it's title, is a canvas for his musical experimentation.



PlayButterflies Cover   2:57160 kbps44.1 kHz3.54 Mb
PlayFitna (Get Away From Me)   4:32160 kbps44.1 kHz5.46 Mb
PlayIftar and Witr   4:05128 kbps44.1 kHz3.93 Mb
PlayStand Up For Gaza (feat. Five Eighty)   3:00160 kbps44.1 kHz3.61 Mb
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