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Shahaab, Zafar, Saad, Omar and Saeed all hail from Detroit, USA. As 786, in the couple of years that they've been around, they have had tremendous success in North America and the UK with their slick harmonies and R&B inspired melodies. Nasheeds like 'Heaven's Keys' are deceptively profound while others like 'Palestine' tap into the sentiments of Muslims around the world.

They are guys who are comfortable with their Muslim and western identities and utilise both cultural influences in their songs. The contemporary sounds they generate are directly informed by a rich, spiritual Islamic heritage and influences from different parts of the world as well as different communities they have grown up with. The fusion makes for some distinctive nasheeds. Rap, Gospel, R&B, Qawwali, Soul are all absorbed into nasheeds evoking positive messages.

And yet it is only when you see them live that you truly begin to appreciate their art. Comfortable singing in English, Arabic and Urdu, these guys convey a passion and an intensity that has to be experienced to be believed - ask anyone who witnessed their shows at London Royal Albert Hall and Birmingham Symphony Hall!



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