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Hip-hop artist Sis.Connie Muhammad, had her start in the music industry as female rapper , Nutmeg. Hailing from Phoenix,Az, she co-produced her entire debut CD "Ghettos Child" which featured rap living legend Kool G Rap. He also filmed the video "Much Love" for the single with her. The video was requested and played thousands of times in the 1996 on Video Juke Box. In July ,1996, The Source Magazine featured Nutmeg in a write-up on Arizona artists to look out for. Amidst the gangsta rap gold rush to the west coast "Ghettos Child" went National and was well recieved. Nutmegs' label Soul Sauce Records shortly thereafter dropped all of the artists on their roster and closed up shop. It still is not clear how many cds of "Ghettos Child " were actually sold, the cd is actually still being sold online presently internationally . After some cameo appearences, a compilation CD "Enter The Realist" with The Realist Family, and a hiatus away from the music altogether, Sis.Connie's unique backround of being born into the Nation of Islam lead her back to her roots and what she feels is her true purpose musically. She self released her newest work "Shahadah" (to profess ones' faith openly) which includes tracks like "9000 miles", a hip-hop soul track which is a tribute to Nation Of Islam founder Master Fard Muhammad. Sis.Connie understands she is in a classification by herself because of her lyrical content and her choice of music to sing to. She has always been a hip-hop lover ,steadfast in writing her own lyrics, also influnced by old school soul. "Shahadah" is also a uncomprimising body of work in which she wastes no time to get to the point and help spread positive messages of overcoming trial, love of God, and understanding her role as a muslim woman. She calls her brand of music "Righteous Hip-Hop Soul".Featured last year in The Final Call (June2,2008),the article "Shahadah , A Musical Transformation" her work is descibed as a way to teach the youth the teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.Sis.Connie Muhammad recently performed live at this years Holy Day of Atonement (Million Man March 14th anniversary) talent showcase. She greatly impressed the crowd with her delivery of her sincere message and soulful vocals of her track "Been Down" (also from "Shahadah"). There is no doubt sis.Connie enjoys the stage as much as the studio and will be giving more of her own new soul.

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