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In less than a year since releasing their first full length album Francis and Ku aka The Sound of Reason are quickly building up a worldwide movement with their harsh and opinionated brand of fusion music. From working with top international artists to being featured as MTVs artist of the month The Sound of Reason are independently gaining the attention of fans across the world with one goal in mind change the direction of the mainstream.

By setting their own trends The Sound of Reason have gone from their basement studio inMontreal to top 10 on international radio all in under a year. They refuse to follow the dulled down industry standards of songs about money, white tees and bling. Instead they tackle tough issues such as faith, politics and the state of the world in general.

They are The Sound of Reason, a name which reflects a meaning in music at a time wheremusical reason is nowhere to be heard. Their fearless attitude, infectious personalities and all out showmanship have quickly made them one of the fastest growing movements to hit the worlds underground music scene in years.

Join the movement. Spread the word to everyone you can. The revolution will not be televisedif you want change let the world know.



PlayIt's All a Dream   5:05128 kbps44.1 kHz4.89 Mb
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PlayPalestine   4:38128 kbps44.1 kHz4.46 Mb
PlayRise   2:17128 kbps44.1 kHz2.20 Mb
PlayShoulder to Lean On   4:26128 kbps44.1 kHz4.27 Mb
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