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Faianatur was born on 10th February 1977 to a Tunisien father and a French mother, in Grasse, the world's capital of perfumes,in south-eastern France.

When he was a young boy , he showed a keen interest in music and art in general. At the age of fifteen, he began writing his first lyrics and would sneak out of his house during the night to sing in concert bars in Marseille. This soon led to him performing on stage at soundsystems and open mic sessions which allowed him to perfect his skills. Faianatur stood out as a young talented artist and began to make a name for himself so much so that he was asked to open up shows for well-known singers such as Junior Kelly, U-Roy and Culture, to name but a few.

Aware of his potential, Faianatur persued music full time and finally teamed up with Akadak and Otrmk2, who are respectively manager and producer.

Those who have seen Faianatur in concert have been overwhelmed by his performances and moved by his positive vibes. He has charm and charisma and his words touch the mind, heart and soul. His songs contain messages of profound substances, some say revolutionary thoughts!

His latest album TOUCH, soon to be released, is the first real project in which Faianatur has completely immersed himself in. He has experimented with different sounds and styles to bring you an enlightening music mix. His lyrics express everyday experiences, modern fears and strivings, life's true stories, including love, spiritual and physical, inspired by his background and personal experiences. He aims to use his music to reach a broad spectrum of people from various backgrounds, cultures and classes and as a means of promoting spiritual and social consciousness. Faianatur is definitely a conscious reggae artist to look out for, who will touch your heart and soul!



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