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Popular Alternative Genres · Spoken Word · Lady Khadija

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Greetings and thank you, I am pleased and honored to invite you in the my humble space and present 19... Lady Khadija, Chronicles of an empress. If I am anything, I am first, a servant and vessel to the the Creator and Creation. I serve through poetry, song, music and artistry and it is my intention to be a Defender of Truth. It is the platform in which I stand, even if it is against my self.

I am so many things

A poet, vocalist, musician, songwriter, digital designer, crochet architech, herbalist and healing. I have been auntie, daughter, mother and wife.

I am a voice for the voiceless. I speak for neglected and orphaned children, the poor, needy and oppressed. I speak for battered wives and women universally, I am a survivor. I am inspired by experience, my own and that of others. The Most High moves me and I am thankful...



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