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Hip-Hop · Imam Jihad

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Let me go on record stating that I bear witness, I declare, and I attest that there is no god or deity worthy of worship except Allah. And I bear witness and I declare, and I attest that Muhammad is the messenger, servant, slave and the seal of the prophets of Allah.

As you sit in the comfort of your home reading and listening to this, I sit in a maximum security state prison where I've been since 1996. As a Muslim, while I wish that I could say that my incarceration is a miscarriage of justice, I can't, because too as a Muslim I must stand firm on a word of justice--even against myself. At the time of my arrest I was so far off the path that Shaytan did not even need to whisper, I was my own soul's greatest enemy. I said that justice was not miscarried with regards to my conviction, however- it was definitely a justice with birth defects with regards to: 1) How my conviction was obtained, and 2) the length of the sentence.

In a way, the very fact that I am here is another sign and proof of Allah's mercy. I can not fathom another set of circumstances that would have reminded me of the affirmation of Shahada I had made as a very young man. Alhumdulillah, I can say now that not only am I a Muslim with a firm handhold on the rope that Allah has extended to us called Islam, but too I am the resident Imam for the community here in this prison, Allahu Akbar! My journey has taken me from inmate to Imam. What you hear on this CD, in my humble opinion, is the one gift from Allah (swt) that I haven't totally squandered. InshaAllah the entire project will be ready on Eid ul-Adha. It is all deen related hip hop for daw'ah, and where it's not deen related, it deals with issues of social consciousness- you'll never find yourself wondering if I'm a Muslim. Finally, note that if you purchase all or none of this project, I say a du'a for you, O ummah of Muhammad (saw), I humbly ask you to say one for me. Wa alaikum asalaam, Imam Jihad



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