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Hip-Hop · Tahir Rashid

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Born in England, raised in the UAE, originating from Pakistan; but most importantly Muslim, this smack-to-the-face poet, rapper and producer knows exactly how to hit the spot with his works and material. Starting off with writing poetry to release his mind to a piece of paper, this prodigy has managed to explore the feelings in the deepest pit of the heart with his well put words and voice.

This person who seems so open with his words and rhymes is in reality a very well natured and humble human being only talking when circumstances require to. Influenced by the world that surrounds him, he holds back no word or letter in his expressions except by keeping his tongue and lines pure from swearing and cussing.

Starting his writings at a humble age of 15, his words have gone from strength to strength, with every line being stronger than previous. After a lot of recognition through his writings, he decided to pick up the microphone and explode with his feelings; feelings of pain, frustration, hate, intellect, sorrow and celebration... These moods were well met by the public and slowly the recognition of his abilities were perceived.

His development from the first track, 'Our Size Doesn't Matter' to the recent releases has been exceptional, brought forward by his ambitiousness, dedication and hard work. His hip hop production skills have also recently been well appreciated and his talent of creating mesmerising melodies and tunes have been realised by many rappers and musicians alike.

The spark has ignited and the fire has been lit...



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